Creature Club Episode 50 – Devils Part 5

In this, the freshest episode, Tim and Daniel (feat. Ivy, Tim’s wife) dive into an even fresher hell to explore the concept of the Erinyes. Tim gets to sink his teeth into a juicy piece of Grecian mythological history, and Dan presents an incredible setting for a potential entire arc!


Download here!

Creature Club Episode 48 – Devils Part 3

On this most recent dive into the nine hells, Tim and Dan take a close to look at the giant, skeletal, Bone Devil! And we definitely only mentioned the word “Demons” where was appropriate. For sure.

This boney gent finds his way through the pages and into our hearts with a fun little encounter! Figuratively, obviously.


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Creature Club Homebrew Special Volume II

Aw yis, it’s finally here. After a literal laptop death and over a month of waiting, it’s time for our second Homebrew Special.

In this episode; Dan, Mikey and Tim discuss Adam Buxton’s Dream Eater and Goblin Alchemist, Christopher Stewart’s hobgoblin general, Holdro the Red and Kaybee’s Puffling.


Download the pdf with all the monsters here!

Download the episode here!