Creature Clup Live on Twitch – Behir Soul Sorceror Subclass

In a new potential format for future shows, Dan and Tim forged their way through the thick forest of the internet to find their way to Twitch to work together to create a Subclass for the Sorceror based on the Dragon-hating Behir.

Broken into 4 parts because file size limits on our host! We won’t give them any trouble, though, because they’re well sound.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


You can download the subclass pdf here.

Creature Club Episode 52 – Devils Part 7 Ice Devil

In this chapter in the Devilish Saga, it’s a Mikey and Tim combo! This week we’re working away alongside the cool-as-a-cucumber Ice Devil.

This insectoid creature has the lads finding interesting twists on real world insects, and stretching the abilities of an Ice-based creature to it’s limits!


Download here!

Creature Club Episode 51 – Devils Part 6 Horned Devil

In this latest deep dive into the deliciously devilish depths of the Nine Hells, Mikey and Tim are cursed to leave their AC on (sorry), and talk the wings off our latest Devil buddy: The Horned Devil, Cornugon, Malebranche, whatever you want to call it.

Devil voices, Christmas carols, and Tim consistently messing up and summoning devils all contribute to this ride through the Hells!


Download here!

Creature Club Episode 50 – Devils Part 5

In this, the freshest episode, Tim and Daniel (feat. Ivy, Tim’s wife) dive into an even fresher hell to explore the concept of the Erinyes. Tim gets to sink his teeth into a juicy piece of Grecian mythological history, and Dan presents an incredible setting for a potential entire arc!


Download here!