Creature Club Episode 19 – Carrion Crawler

In this week’s episode Dan, Mikey and Tim talk about the carrion crawler, a massive centipede-like monster. As part of this episode the guys also developed a short document on the different ‘evolved forms’ of the carrion crawler. You can download it at the DMsGuild here!



Download here!

Creature Club Episode 16 – Bulette

Tim is back but we haven’t actually got him OUT of the net yet so this week it’s just Dan and Mikey and they’re covering the bulette (however you pronounce it) or landshark. We end up with a rad dungeon idea and some excellent ‘Monster Hunter my Monster’ material. Enjoy!



Download here!

Creature Club Episode 15 – Bugbears

Whoa there, this is a rogue pod my friend! Dan and Mikey have only gone and heckin’ done a bugbear without Tim! Will the boys be able to survive this undertaking without their tallest and handsomest comrade? You’ll have to listen to find out!



Dan’s note: I remembered my Bugbear Barbarian’s name; t’was Lorzod.

Download here!