Creature Club Episode 65 – Dragons Part 9: Gold Dragon

Dan, Mikey, and Tim fall further down the ridiculous, raving rabbit hole that is the Dragon series, and find themselves in good company with the fun-loving, evil-hating, self-appointed-quest-going Gold Dragon!

This dragon’s bizarre abilities send the lads into a confused spiral, and many laughs and good times ensue. Join us as we continue our journey through the world of dragons.

Creature Club Episode 63 – Dragons Part 7: Bronze Dragon

This week, Dan, Mikey, and Tim set sail to face the great behemoth that is the Bronze Dragon! The lads are excited to finally be able to record an entire episode together, and so shenanigans inevitably ensue!

A few unique ideas about how to treat this dragon rear their head in this instalment of the Dragon Omnibus, so this fun, factual, informative episode is not one to miss.


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