Creature Club Episode 33 – Demons Part 2 – Barlgura

We’re back! After an unplanned hiatus we’re returning to this wrap sheet of demons. This week, Mikey and Tim talk about the gorilla-esque Barlgura, a fearsome and cunning beast with a powerful blend of magic tricks and mighty strength.



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Creature Club Episode 31 – Demons Part 1 – Balor

This week, Dan, Mikey and Tim delve into a deep well of lore and stats. There are 11 demon stat blocks in the Monster Manual so this will take a while. Strap in, get a drink and a comfortable chair and get ready for part 1 – The Balor.



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Creature Club Episode 29 – Death Knight

This week on Creature Club, Dan and Mikey discuss the Death Knight, an ancient accursed warrior doomed to wander the land until they are atoned; like Tim. This one was recorded live in Dan’s new place so there’s a lot of rambling and at one stage it does basically become an episode of Villain Squad, but it’s all good stuff, promise.

And here’s the cover of A Paladin in Hell, as promised.



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