Creature Club Episode 37 – Demons Part 5 – Goristro

We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast. Mikey and Tim discuss the bullish goristro this week. Mikey is moving to Texas this week for the foreseeable future so send that good boy some love. He’s packing his mic and his Monster Manual so he’ll be back on the horse in no time, but he might miss a show or two as he wrassles with a gator or shoots John Wayne or something, I dunno.

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Creature Club Episode 34 – Demons Part 3 – Chasme & Dretch

Happy New Years Eve folks! Bring in the new year with a podcast all about creatures driven with an insatiable urge to bring about the destruction of all things (like millennials/boomers/third joke). This week, Mikey and Tim discuss the chasme, a weird fat fly thing and the dretch, which looks sort of like a malfunctioning pig.

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Villain Squad Episode 4 – Alchemical Cartel

What’s this under the non-specific holiday tree? It says to open it right now!

This week Dan and Mikey play the role of geek t-shirt designer and combine Harry Potter with Breaking Bad to build a rowdy gang of super-thugs wielding a mixture if alchemy, blackpowder and eldritch power.

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