Creature Club Homebrew Special Volume II

Aw yis, it’s finally here. After a literal laptop death and over a month of waiting, it’s time for our second Homebrew Special.

In this episode; Dan, Mikey and Tim discuss Adam Buxton’s Dream Eater and Goblin Alchemist, Christopher Stewart’s hobgoblin general, Holdro the Red and Kaybee’s Puffling.


Download the pdf with all the monsters here!

Download the episode here!

Metal Gear Stealth Encounters for D&D – ScreenToTable

Hey folks! if you guys don’t know, I have started up a new series on Youtube called ‘ScreenToTable’. In the series I talk about things from video game design that you can use for your D&D games. Much like Creature Club, I hope it helps to improve my own DMing, while maybe giving you guys a little bit of inspiration for your own games!

The second episode is out now and is about the Metal Gear series. Check it out, like and subscribe! I have alot of ideas for future videos and am really excited. Thanks for your continued support guys.


Cunning Action Episode 2 – Random Encounters

This week the boys are the opposite of back in town and Dan has gone rogue (geddit?) with another Cunning action solo podcast. This one is more coherent and has a point. IMAGINE THAT!

Anyway, it’s a bit of a laugh and we’ll be back with our regularly scheduled broadcasting next week. Enjoy and you can find the write up here!

Download Here!