Metal Gear Stealth Encounters for D&D – ScreenToTable

Hey folks! if you guys don’t know, I have started up a new series on Youtube called ‘ScreenToTable’. In the series I talk about things from video game design that you can use for your D&D games. Much like Creature Club, I hope it helps to improve my own DMing, while maybe giving you guys a little bit of inspiration for your own games!

The second episode is out now and is about the Metal Gear series. Check it out, like and subscribe! I have alot of ideas for future videos and am really excited. Thanks for your continued support guys.


Missing: one tall boi

Hi everyone, no podcast this week because we can’t find Tim anywhere! I’ve checked twice behind the sofa now and I’m about to go check again. If y’all could check behind your sofas, fridges and in your compost bins (not green bins as he is scared of being recycled) and get in touch if you find him.

Keep watching the skis,