Villain Squad 9 – Random Feat

The lads are back at their old devious games, concocting virtueless villains to halt your party in their tracks. This time, Dan, Mikey, and Tim utilise the table of monster features from the Dungeon Master’s guide to pick to random feats to create 4 distinct monsters/villains and use their collective imaginations to work them into a variety of possible campaign ideas. From simple exploding traps to extraplanar deity-like creatures of eternally burning light, the guys really have fun with this one.

Talking is a Free Action Episode 1: Settings, Encounters

The chaotic inaugural episode of a less refined, casual show where Dan, Mikey, and Tim start out with the intention of recording the first 3-person Cunning Action, but the episode blossoms into its own beautiful flower. Tim gets some thoughts off his chest about his own setting, and Mikey and Dan try, desperately, to keep the episode on track before accepting the chaotic, un-harnessable nature of this episode.