Talking is a Free Action Episode 3 – Dungeons

This week Dan and Mikey discuss dungeons. Yes Dan did it before in a solo Cunning Action and no you shouldn’t go back and listen to it. This isn’t a bit or reverse psychology, I am begging you not to listen to that 30 minute ramble. Mikey would like to apologise in advance of you listening because we only agreed this was a TiaFA episode after recording so he keeps calling it a Cunning Action.

Jaysus we really are a shambles eh? Try to enjoy anyway.

Creature Club Episode 79 – Ettercap

Another exciting episode including all three of our delightful hosts! Dan, Mikey, and Tim examine the arachnid-shepherding humanoid creature, the Ettercap. The lads discuss traps, garrotes, and lariats and consider some exciting expansions to the meagre pickings presented before us. In other words, this is another collaborative effort to make stuff more interesting with the magic of collaboration! Also, if anyone has any good suggestions on where to get a good sorbet, we’d appreciate it. Cheers!