Creature Club Episode 34 – Demons Part 3 – Chasme & Dretch

Happy New Years Eve folks! Bring in the new year with a podcast all about creatures driven with an insatiable urge to bring about the destruction of all things (like millennials/boomers/third joke). This week, Mikey and Tim discuss the chasme, a weird fat fly thing and the dretch, which looks sort of like a malfunctioning pig.



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Villain Squad Episode 4 – Alchemical Cartel

What’s this under the non-specific holiday tree? It says to open it right now!


This week Dan and Mikey play the role of geek t-shirt designer and combine Harry Potter with Breaking Bad to build a rowdy gang of super-thugs wielding a mixture if alchemy, blackpowder and eldritch power.



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Creature Club Episode 33 – Demons Part 2 – Barlgura

We’re back! After an unplanned hiatus we’re returning to this wrap sheet of demons. This week, Mikey and Tim talk about the gorilla-esque Barlgura, a fearsome and cunning beast with a powerful blend of magic tricks and mighty strength.



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