Creature Club Anniversary Special

It is TIME! This week Dan, Mikey and Tim are all back together to do what everyone always wanted; talk about themselves!

This week on Creature Club we get entirely self-indulgent and just talk about ourselves, our history with D&D and the campaign that brought us together. This is long one folks so find a good spot for your butt and stay hydrated!

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Here’s a map of Tim’s setting for the curious:

Treasure Trove Episode 6 – “E”

Dan has been trapped in the Phantom Zone because of a poorly booked dentist’s appointment so this week Mikey and Tim talk about all the magic items beginning with “E”.

This episode marks our first year of recording Creature Club and these other related podcasts and we’re so grateful to everyone who listens. Whether you’re a new listener or you’ve been with us since that fateful day one year ago, you’re all Club members and you’re all welcome every week to join us in indulging in this very silly but extremely wonderful hobby. Here’s to many more years of Creature Club, Treasure Trove and Villain Squad! From all us in the clubhouse; thank you so much for making this show what it is.

With all that said, here’s the episode.

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Creature Club Episode 29 – Death Knight

This week on Creature Club, Dan and Mikey discuss the Death Knight, an ancient accursed warrior doomed to wander the land until they are atoned; like Tim. This one was recorded live in Dan’s new place so there’s a lot of rambling and at one stage it does basically become an episode of Villain Squad, but it’s all good stuff, promise.

And here’s the cover of A Paladin in Hell, as promised.


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