Creature Club Episode 27 – Cyclops

This week Dan, Mikey and Tim meet LIVE and discuss the mythological Cyclops. There’s a lot of misremembering Greek myth, bad rapping and Dan can’t pronounce a man’s name (Sorry Adam).

As we say in the podcast; our first homebrew episode will be soon. We’ll be focusing on homebrewed monsters, so if you have any to submit now’s the time!

Download here!

One thought on “Creature Club Episode 27 – Cyclops

  1. If you wanted to Monster Hunter the Cyclops you could make a trinket magic item where you get the Cyclops’ Eye that a player can look through and it could highlight shiny things that the Cyclops’ might have been interested in when the eye was still in its head, so you could get one that can pick out the best forged weapon in a pile, but another that really likes shiny thing and just tells you which button is the best in a bunch.


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