Creature Club Episode 25 – Couatl

Getting back into the swing of things y’all. This week Dan, Mikey and Tim jump back into the groove with the Mesoamerican-inspired couatl. Heads up, the episode goes a bit long and it might be one of our most negative episodes yet (about the monster, not the listening experience, I hope).

Download here!

One thought on “Creature Club Episode 25 – Couatl

  1. While the angel encounter was indeed an interesting contrast, Daniel has incorrectly remembered the event. We did engage the angel but we managed to talk them down using advanced diplo-mancy, wherein we promised to return the weapon we needed once we were done with it. Then a player character ran odd with it at the end ruining everything for everyone ever.

    The angel later returned as the character Vigil in a later campaign, serving as a patron to Tim’s warlock character.


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