Creature Club Episode 22 – Chuul

On this week’s episode of Creature Club, Dan, Mikey and Tim discuss the lobster-adjacent aberrant known as the chuul.

Mikey would to apologise for his recording quality this week, to quote; “it was kind of pants”.

Download here!

One thought on “Creature Club Episode 22 – Chuul

  1. A Luuhc could be an albino chuul that can’t see magic but instead has an organ that creates a false aura of magical energy.

    It could be smaller than a chuul and be sent to lure them to specific places by their masters, or it could be larger than a chuul and uses its organ to lure them to it, like an angler-fish (maybe the organ could even be on a angler-fish like appendage), hoping to mate with or devour them (or both).

    Spellcasters using detect magic might sense the presence of a very powerful aura in the muck below them, as they clear it away the beast lunges up and gets a surprise round. Swap its proficiency in perception with stealth and you’ve got an encounter.

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