Creature Club Episode 21 – Chimera

This week on Creature Club, Dan, Tim and Mikey dissect the mythological three-headed Chimera. I’d normally give teasers for the episode now but honestly I’ve forgotten what we even talk about in this one but i promise it’s good.



Download here!

One thought on “Creature Club Episode 21 – Chimera

  1. McDonalds ain’t going to sponsor this podcast anytime soon.

    I recently used a chimera in a game as an opening fight in a dungeon, where it was a 2d mosaic that animates and attacks the party, peeling itself from the floor. The room it was in prevented it from flying effectively (also I doubted a 2d creature could actually fly) but since it was an animated construct it was immune to psychic damage and gained resistance from piercing. It also gained a reaction to impose disadvantage on an attack by presenting its narrowest facing to an enemy.

    I tried to play off the different heads twisting to face different targets, basing its actions off the success or failures of the players’ attacks, the lion head wants to attack whoever hit it hardest, the dragon wants to immolate weaker foes and the goat wanted to attack anyone that was trying to flank it.


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