Cunning Action Episode 1 – Dan’s Dungeon Tips

Edit: Hey folks, Dan here. I’ve edited about 9 minutes of me stammering and falling asleep out of the podcast so it’s hopefully a little more palatable. But don’t worry I will never try this again. Love ya XX

Howdy howdy; Dan here. I recorded this late last night so I’m sorry it lacks our regular flair, Mikey wasn’t around to work his editing magic and Tim is still away. This is a solo podcast where Dan tries not to fall asleep and rambles about dungeons. Probably good as a sedative.


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Creature Club Episode 15 – Bugbears

Whoa there, this is a rogue pod my friend! Dan and Mikey have only gone and heckin’ done a bugbear without Tim! Will the boys be able to survive this undertaking without their tallest and handsomest comrade? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Dan’s note: I remembered my Bugbear Barbarian’s name; t’was Lorzod.

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