One thought on “Treasure Trove 2 – “B”

  1. The original idea for the Shared Bag of Holding was a party inventory for the Player Characters. Being able to access the same pool of resources without needing to physically hand them to one another.

    An important thing to note about Bags of Holding is that you need to be aware of an object when you call it forth from the bag, so in the Shared Bag there is a card you call forth marked with messages and what has been placed in the communal pool to share (along with suggested donations of gold besides certain items). Additionally you could place something in it and not tell another party member, they would have no idea it was in there (unless it filled it up of course).

    The big moment would be when a villain has stolen a bag or has learned the location of the extradimensional plane the bag is storing it’s items and has made their own bag. They then turn their bag inside out, dropping forth everything the party has collected so far, doing it in front of the players would be extra dramatic, especially if it all tumbles into a pit or acid pool.


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