Creature Club Episode 4 – Angels Part 2 – Planetar & Solar

In the conclusion of our two-part angel episode, we discuss the Planetar, the soldier of the gods and the Solar, the archangels who lead divine forces.

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One thought on “Creature Club Episode 4 – Angels Part 2 – Planetar & Solar

  1. In the Critical Role DnD game they fought numerous good aligned monsters who they came seeking the help of, but they would have to fight them either to prove they’re worthy or force them into listening to them. So with angels it could be the same, an angel might test mortal champions before gaining entry into their god’s realm or duel one player for a round or two whilst the player has to give their case at the same time as trying to survive. A thing with a lot of these creatures is they are monsters or beings created for conflict, so some might see conflict as the purest way of dealing with an issue, another arm of diplomacy as it were.
    Additionally, for animate object, I liked the idea from Adventure Time where the Ice King tricks his friend Life Giving Magus into animating all his furniture so he can have friends but then they form a club that excludes him. So the idea would be a magic shop or wizard who had a disgruntled apprentice animate various objects in his study or workshop who now don’t obey the wizard (as he wasn’t the creator) and also randomly pester him and people visiting his study but he refuses to remove them as he is still trying to figure out how to dispell the effect or take it over, but mainly because it’s all perfectly good furniture beside the fact it occasionally chases you around the room.

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